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       Schönherr textile is a young and dynamic company. Fortunately, every success and prosperity of national industry a golden opportunity to Schönherr and steady high-speed growth, are invited to join insight.

       Schönherr, adhering to the "talent is the business of the enterprise talent boat" concept of talent, committed to create a harmonious, happy, inspired, passionate work environment for employees, and provides a fully display their talents, to achieve self-worth the big stage. We are working hard to practice the selection of the best talent, to rely on talent, training, motivating personnel and respect for the human resources strategy talent, by constantly creating opportunities for personal development, all kinds of talents has to show in order to achieve the value of their own environment and opportunities. To this end, we in the mechanism-for-performance implementation of multi-incentives (wages, bonuses, benefits, honors, training, promotion, etc.) policy, truly the cause of keeping the culture to keep people in order to keep people treatment to the environment to keep people mechanisms to keep people.
       Good governance, the outstanding "holy ho spirit is the soul of the company's corporate culture, we advocate a better work attitude, diligent and pragmatic work style, team spirit of harmony and unity. Schönherr, you can feel the vibrant, united and progressive work atmosphere, you can see the diligent work, assiduous the cherry employees can enjoy the you create your own magnificent and brilliant.
       The Schönherr success requires every employee to create, the Schönherr brilliant and every employee to share! Believe it, select Schönherr, on the choice of success!