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Peng Lai Shenghai Hao Grand Hotel to invest 15 million in the second half of 2004, carefully refashioned the completion of a set of dining, accommodation, meeting in an integrated hotel. This hotel is located in the Penglai new coastal area, a walk tens of meters you can feel close Bihaijinsha, grass depressed. The ocean breezes, so that you fully enjoy the waterfront scenery and fresh air.
We will be pure dishes, family service, a warm atmosphere. For your business dinners, family gatherings, birthday birthday and leisure drink to bring satisfaction and eternal memory of knowing. Let us provide more warmth, health and safety, convenient and delicate service.
Hotel guests first, service first "business purpose: to" sincere, simple, cordial, enthusiastic "for the service style; hotels to pursue the level of management, system management, and standardize management, scientific management; the use of advanced computer systems for daily business management, can provide comprehensive and quality service for domestic and foreign business travelers.

The surrounding landscape: Penglai Pavilion, the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea port, Penglai Village.
Tel :0535 -5907777 0535-5956666
Address: Paradise Road, Penglai City, on the 8th
Postal Code: 265600